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These plants  are some of the main players from the point of view of the citizens
of the Old West, be they Native American, Mexican or Anglo.
Note that a number of them made more than one list.
Ex. Poison Oak, Squash, Sweet Grass

Food Plants

These are some of the edible plants of the old west. Some are endemic to the continent, others were imported with various groups of newcomers. As always with such things, not everyone ate everything.

Functional Plants

Here are the basket materials, containers and the raw materials that helped make the tools of living.

Hazardous Plants

Some of these were dangerous to man, some to his livestock, some to both.

Hallucinogenic Plants

Man will have his change of consciousness, his high, his religious experience. These plants were and are used worldwide and many of these came well before alcohol. Native Americans were well versed.

Medicinal Plants

An impossible list, I hope to hit the most common and effective.


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