Week 09: February/March

Week 9: February 25 thru March 4th

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2/26 of… 1860

Wiyot Massacre – Duluwat Island, (aka: Indian Island) in Humboldt Bay, CA. The ceremonies completed, most of the Indian men had left the island. Armed with hatchets, clubs and knives, (having left their guns behind so the noise of slaughter would be only screams, rather than gunshots) a group of whites attacked the Wiyot Indians, mostly women and children, remaining on the island. Reports of the number of Wiyots killed range from 80 to 200. Two other village sites were also raided, on the Eel River and on the South Spit.  {001}


William Fredrick Cody, “Buffalo Bill, born in Iowa Territory, near Le Claire.  {001}


George Black swings in Laramie, WY for the brutal murder of neighbor Bob Burnett.  {001}


Gatling Gun - Week 9: February 26th thru March 4thRichard Jordan Gatling, age 84, died in New York, NY. Medical Doctor and inventor, he developed the first prototype for the gun that bears his name, in 1861. The Gatling Gun was steadily improved until replaced by single barrel machine guns just before WWI.  Photo: A Gatling Gun, cal. 45-70, c. 1870; Guns of the Old West [FB group] {001}


Walter “Dub” Taylor born in Richmond, VA. Actor, sidekick+4.  {001}


Hired killer James B. Miller, “Killer Miller”, was paid $2,000 to shotgun (both barrels) rancher A.A. “Gus” Bobbit to deathOld West Daily Reader Subscribe Today

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