Week 30: July

Week 30: July 23 thru 29th

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7/23 of… 1838

Samuel Stone Hall was born on a farm near Leominster, MA. He ran away to the West, gained a reputation as an author, a dead shot. and he became Buckskin Sam Hall.  {001}


Seth Bullock is born in Amherstburg, Canada. Merchant, sheriff.  {001}


Explorer/prospector Capt. Richard Sopris becomes the first white man to enjoy the Yampah Hot Springs at what will become Glenwood Springs, CO. The spectacular mountain that rises over 6,000 ft. above the Roaring Fork River and surrounding countryside (Carbondale, CO) to a height of 12, 965 ft. above sea-level was named Mt. Sopris by members of the expedition. The names of all 14 expedition members were carved on a large cottonwood tree on the island near the spring.  {001 & 009}


 Clark Gruber $10 gold coin - Week 30: July 23rd thru 29thClark, Gruber & Co. opened a private mint in a two story brick building on the corner of Market and 16th Streets in Denver, CO. Minting $10 gold pieces (an “Eagle”) at the rate of “fifteen or twenty coins a minute”. Next, a $20 gold coin (a “Double Eagle”)… “the weight will be greater, but the value the same as the United States coin of like denomination”. A $5 and a $2.5 gold coin were soon added, with production reaching $18,000 per week. In not quite three years of operation, they minted $594,305 worth of Pike’s Peak Gold into coins. They also purchased 77,000 troy ounces of raw gold* and shipped “large amounts of dust” to the Philadelphia Mint. The building, assaying and minting equipment was purchased by the US Treasury in April 1863 and became the United States Mint, which actually, only operated as an assay office until 1906. Clark, Gruber & Co. remained as a bank until 1865 when they were purchased by the First National Bank of Denver. Photo: U.S. PD? internet – 1860 C, G & Co. $10 gold coin.  {001}
*at the then market price of gold, $20.67 oz. (Troy), that’s not quite $1.6 million in 1860’s dollars.
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Vigilante Leader A. B. Webster is assaulted at his post office job by Samuel Strawhim and Joe Weiss, who had been warned by the vigilantes+3 to get out of town. When Weiss went for a gun, Webster shot and killed him. (where??)  {001}


Ft. Smith, AK. It’s Blue Duck‘s hanging date, but George Maledon will be denied his victim this day. One-time paramour Belle Starr is working legal magic and for the moment, the hanging is postponed…  {001}


Porum Range War – Mack Alfred, murdered on the way back home from Porum, OK.  {028}
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The Gene Autry Show (Melody Ranch) makes its debut on CBS TV. Ninety-one half hour shows air starring Gene Autry as himself with Chill Wills, then Fuzzy Knight, and finally Pat Buttram as sidekicks. The show transitioned to color in its fifth and final season.  {001}

7/24 of…1800

Born in Haysboro, TN, William Selby Harney, soldier, U.S. Army General officer.  {001}


Brigham Young arrives in the Salt Lake Valley from Illinois with 128 pioneers after eleven months’ travel*. Old West Daily Reader Subscribe Today

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