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Week 25: June 18 thru 24th

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6/18 of… 1902

Annie Rogers - Week 25Annie Rogers (aka Della Moore, Maud Williams), girlfriend of Kid Curry, is acquitted of passing stolen bank notes from the Great Northern Train Robbery* . She never sees Harvey Logan again — and goes straight for the rest of her life. One of only five women ever allowed at Robbers Roost. (Wild Bunch) Photo: U.S. PD  {001}
Wk. 27, 07/03/1901 – Great Northern Coast Flyer train #3


The Indian Reorganization Act is signed by President Franklin Roosevelt. Intended to repeal much of the Dawes Act and restore tribal administration to Indian lands, in the end it further muddied the waters and brought about more dissension among the Native Americans themselves. An issue far too complicated to be addressed in The Reader. Look it up and marvel at the fallout re: land ownership, tribal administration, gambling and a host of other complications.  {001}


Richard Allen Boone born in Los Angeles, CA. Movie actor, TV star.  {001}

6/19 of… 1837

Rachael Plummer sold (ransomed) by Comanches to Comancheros and returned to her husband after two years of captivity. She wrote a book describing her experience and the ways of the Indians: Rachael Plummer’s Narrative of Twenty One Months Servitude as a Prisoner Among the Commanchee Indian (1838).  {001}
Wk. 20, 05/20/1836 – Fort Parker Massacre
Wk. 12, 03/19/1839 – Rachael Plummer


Execution of Maximilian, Edouard Manet - Week 25Maximilian, “Emperor of Mexico” executed at Cerro de las Campanas, Querétaro, Mexico. This event marks the end of the aspirations of European royalty in Mexico. Benito Juárez, the leader of the liberal faction who had opposed the Royalists and had never accepted Maximilian’s rule, became Mexico’s first president (a title he already held). Painting: Execution of Emperor Maximilian, Édouard Manet   {001}
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Mexican History Timeline


Rocky Mountain Jim Nugent shotgunned by Griff Evans at Fish Creek, Colorado. Jim lived until September.  {001}


Horse in Motion Study by Muybridge - Week 25The Horse in Motion Study by Eadweard Muybridge was accomplished on this date.  The horse was Leland Stanford’s Sallie Gardner, running at a 1:40 pace over the track at Palo Alto, CA.  With trigger wires every 27 inches and twelve cameras, each with two lenses producing two images, the motion study proved that a running horse’s hooves are all momentarily off the ground.  Muybridge designed and built the cameras and developed special emulsions to achieve this photographic feat.  When the individual images were viewed in rapid succession the horse appeared to move naturally; Muybridge had incidentally invented film animation. Photos: U.S. PD 1878 – Eadweard Muybridge.  {003}
Leland Stanford – below


George W. Flatt (one time marshal and range detective, born 1852 or ’53) ambushed and shotgunned in the streets of Caldwell, KS. Ex-business partners Frank Hunt and William Horseman suspected, and Horseman tried for murder but acquitted. The shooting remained unsolved.  {001}


Arthur L. Collins - Week 25Telluride, CO. Smuggler-Union Mine+2 General Manager Arthur L. Collins+2 shotgunned to death through the window of the house on the Smuggler-Union property on the eve of the anniversary of the great fire.* Many accused the union, but others declared that with a contract in place and relative cooperation, the union had no motive for the attack. Others considered the possibility that the murder was committed as revenge for the men killed in the fire one year earlier. Photo: U.S. PD 1898 Mineral Industry Magazine. {001}
06/20/1901 – below


Earl W. Bascom born in a sod-roofed log cabin on the Bascom 101 Ranch, (Vernal, UT). Sculptor, printmaker, painter. Considered the father of American rodeo. His father was John W. Bascom, who had pursued The Wild Bunch as a deputy sheriff. TYH!  {001}


Emmett Maxwell “Pat” Buttram born in Addison, AL. Movie and TV sidekick.  {001}


Joy Harjo, member of the Muscogee/Creek Nation, appointed as the the 23rd Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress. The first Native American in the history of the position.  {001}
Wk. 19, 05/101951 – Joy Harjo

6/20 of…1778

Pierre Laclede Liguest - Week 25The passing of French fur trader and founder of St. Louis, MO. Pierre Laclède. He died at age 48, somewhere near the mouth of the Arkansas River. Businessman, real estate agent, and prominent citizen, he came to New Orleans in 1755 and went up the Mississippi River in 1863 to found a trading post. The St. Louis downtown riverfront area is named Laclede’s Landing in his honor. Portrait U.S. PD  {003}
Wk. 07, 02/15/1764 – St. Louis, MO


Christopher Miner Spencer born in Manchester, CT. American inventor/gunsmith.  {001}


Joseph L Meek c 1848 - Week 25The passing of Joseph Lafayette “Joe” Meek, age 64 or 65, in Hillsboro, OR. Mountain man, trapper, farmer, politician, sheriff, story teller. Creator of the “Meek Cutoff” trail.* Photo: U.S. PD pre-1876 University of Oregon Archives. (see: Wk.  {001}
*The Originals Index – TrailsMeek Trail


The final retreat at Fort Concho, TX. The 19th Infantry takes down the flag after 22 years.  {001}


Twenty-four miners and mine foremen, both union and non-union, died in the Smuggler-Union Mine+2 at Telluride, CO. A fire that started in some outbuildings fed poisonous smoke into the mine tunnels. Inept management mounted no efficacious response. Local union leader Vincent St. John arrived on the scene and took on the direction of rescue efforts, including entering the smoke-filled mine at serious risk to his own life and health. He was credited with saving lives. In the aftermath, the company was criticized for failing to respond effectively. General Manager Arthur Collins+2 decision to eliminate the fireboss positions — and his practice of promoting non-union men with less experience — was considered a significant factor in management’s poor response to the tragedy.  {001}
06/19/1902 – above


Born in Timbo, AK, is James Corbitt Morris, accidentally named Jimmy Driftwood by his grandparents.  {001}
Quotes Index – Commentators QuotesJimmy Driftwood


Errol Flynn born in Hobart, Tazmania, Australia. Movie actor.  {001}


Audi Leon Murphy born in Kingston, Hunt County, TX. Soldier, composer, movie and TV star.  {001}

6/21 of… 1849

Charles Albert Varnum born in Troy, NY: destined to be a military officer.  {001}


Captain Grant Marsh had the steamboat Far West moored on the Yellowstone River at the mouth of Rosebud Creek. The vessel had been carrying supplies for the U.S. cavalry as it moved against the Indians. The site of the final meeting of commanding officers before Lt. Col George Custer’s 7th Cavalry moved south up the Rosebud seeking the Indian encampment.  {001}


Butte County, CA, between LaPorte and Oroville. Black Bart tells the stage driver, “Sure hope you have a lot of gold in that strongbox, I’m nearly out of money.”  {001}


Camp Rucker, AZ. Lieutenant J.H. Hurst reported that six army mules had been stolen by local cowboys. A posse from Tombstone, which included Virgil Earp (U.S. Deputy Marshall for the Arizona Territory), Morgan Earp and Wyatt Earp (Tombstone City Marshals) traced the mules to the McLaury Ranch on the San Pedro. The mules’ brands, “U.S.”, had been altered to read “D8”. For some unknown reason, the mules were not recovered.  {001}
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Amasa Leland Stanford died in Palo Alto, CA at age 70. He was a lawyer, a Railroad tycoon, an industrialist, a politician and the founder of Stanford University. One of “the Associates”, aka: “The Big Four”, who were the key investors in Chief Engineer Theodore Dehone Judah‘s* plan for the Central Pacific Railroad. Stanford had the honor of driving the first spike at Promontory Summit at the ceremonies for the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad.** Remembered as one of the nineteenth century’s “Robber Barons”.  Photo: U.S. PD, Leland Stanford c. 1870’s.  {001}
Wk. 44, 11/02/1863 – Theodore Dehone Judah
Photo Gallery Index – Transportation Photos – Railroads in the West – Transcontinental Railroad
Wk. 05, 02/02/1863 – Leland Stanford
Horse in Motion Study – above – 06/19/1878


Lawman George Scarborough, in company with El Paso, Texas chief of police Jeff Davis Milton, kill outlaw Martin McRose. John Wesley Hardin claims he has paid them to kill McRose. They are arrested but released when Hardin recants.  {001}


Owen Harlan Mickel, Monte Montana, born in Wolf Point, MT. Cowboy.  {001}


Died at age 78 in The Arizona Pioneer’s Home in Prescott, AZ, Albert Franklin Banta, (aka: Charles A. Franklin).  A busy man who got around: bullwhacker, cowboy, constable, deputy sheriff, lawyer. Guide to the Wheeler Expedition (1871, Chief Guide in ’73).* Army scout and guide to General Crook ** during the Apache Wars. A newspaperman, working with numerous papers, including starting three of his own. In 1873 he became the first white man to see and report what would become known for a while as Franklin’s Folly or sometimes, Franklin’s Hole; actually, Barringer Meteor Crater.*** Grand Canyon‘s “Banta Point” is named in his honor, as well as Franklin Street in Tucson. An interesting man whose tale is too big for Old West Daily Reader, look him and enjoy! TYH!  {001}
*The Originals Index – ExpeditionsThe Wheeler Expedition
Wk. 12, 03/21/1890 – General George Cook
***The Originals Index – Landmarks and RegistersBarringer Crater
Quotes Index – Commentator’s QuotesLegends Begin Albert Franklin Banta


Straight out of the old West! Clarksdale, AZ, city marshal Jim Roberts single-handedly took on two bank robbers. He shot and killed the getaway driver  — but the other bandit, who was firing at him with an automatic pistol, had to be pistol-whipped into arrest because the firing pins on both of Roberts’ Colt pistols had broken!   {001}

6/22 of… 1835

Cullen Montgomery Baker, born in Weakly County, TN. Outlaw.  {001}


A group of unknown Cherokee, likely supporters of anti-removal Chief John Ross, assassinated Elias Boudinot outside his home in Park Hill, OK. That same day, they also killed John and Major Ridge, his cousin and uncle. His brother, Stand Watie was also attacked but survived. The purpose, was to eliminate political rivals, the Party leaders of the Treaty Party who had signed the Echota Treaty. And, it was clearly intended to intimidate the “Old Settlers” and the dissenters into submission on Unification following the Nation’s removal to Indian Territory.  {001}


Passing through what would become Colorado, a wagon train, bound for California, crossed the South Platte River just north of the confluence with Clear Creek and then followed Clear Creek six miles (9.7 km) further west.* John Lowery Brown, kept a diary of the party’s journey from Georgia to California and on this day he wrote: “Lay bye. Gold found.” He then noted:  “We called this Ralston’s Creek because a man of that name found gold here.” Lewis Ralston had dipped his gold pan into a stream flowing into Clear Creek and found about a quarter of a troy ounce in his first pan (then worth about $5.00, nearly $150.00 in today’s devalued currency). Ralston continued with the train on to California.  {001}
* Today, in Arvada, CO


His gold prospecting aspirations are curtailed by the Cavalry’s enforcement of the treaty with the Sioux, so Bill Longley accepts an enlistment of five years with B Company of the 2nd U.S. Cavalry Regiment, Camp Stambaugh, Dakota Territory. After deserting two weeks later he is captured and after four months with a ball and chain, returned to duty. He escapes army life for good in May of 1872, eventually returning to Texas.  {001}
The Originals Index – Western Forts and Trading PostsMilitary CampsCamp Stambaugh


LCW: The John W. Kinney Gang (aka “The Rio Grande Posse”) comes to Lincoln, NM Territory at the invitation of DA Wm. Rynerson. They are sworn in by Murphy-Dolan Faction Sheriff George Peppin.  {001}


Tombstone, AZ Territory. “The Whiskey Barrel Fire“. A bartender at The Arcade looks inside an “empty” barrel with a match… maybe as much as $300k damages in town! Texas Jack Vermillion is enlisted this day as a deputy city policeman by Virgil Earp, probably as extra help and control of looting after the fire. {001}


Arthur Burdett Frost - Week 25A.B. Frost (Arthur Burdett), age 77, died in ??. Well known American illustrator, painter, graphic artist and comic writer. Although known for a broad spectrum of work, Frost certainly contributed to bringing the West to the public. Portrait U.S. PD c. 1886 Thomas Eakins.  {001}


R. W. Doc Boyle, c 1947 - Week 25Robert Wayne “Doc” Boyle born in Wichita, KS, or maybe MN? Indian dancer (1950’s), performer in The Great American Wild West Show (1990’s), Doc Holliday portrayalist since early 1990’s, Head Word Wrangler and Trail Boss of Old West Daily Reader. Photo: © family pic of Doc (1947) Roy Rogers outfit with an illuminated picture in the hat.  {001}
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6/23 of…1825

Madison County, IN: Andrew Sawyer and John Bridge Sr. hanged for their participation in the Fall Creek Massacre of 1824. Two of the first three settlers, hanged in the U.S. for the massacre of Indians.  {001}
Wk. 12, 03/22/1824 – Fall Creek massacre
The Originals Index – Battlefields and Massacres – Massacres of Indians


The last of two shiploads of English emigrants, the Third Hand Cart Company {Bunker} set out from Iowa City, IA, bound for the Great Salt Lake Valley with 320 hardy souls willing to walk to “Zion”.  {001}
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Photo Gallery Index – Transportation PhotosMormon Hand Carts


Cattle rustler and killer, ex-Shackelford County sheriff John M. Larn is shot by Vigilantes at Albany, TX. They planned to hang him, but the sheriff had manacled him to the floor so his friends couldn’t break him out of jail. Photo: U.S. PD pre 1923.   {001}
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Wk. 02, 01/10/1864  – Sheriff Henry Plummer
Wk. 15, 04/13/1866 –“Big Dave” Updyke
Wk. 23, 06/07/1912 – Sheriff John H. “Johnny” Behan


Durango, CO. Gunfighter and killer (at least nine victims) George N. Woods is publicly hanged for the murder of M.C. Buchanan at the Pacific Club Saloon.  {001}
Wk. 21, 05/23/1882 – M.C. Buchanan


The stage from Jackson to Ione in Amador County, CA, is held up by Black Bart.  {001}


A farmer named Samuel Wyrick has a revolver emptied into him for no reason, and a young Indian’s horse is shot from under him by a drunken Blue Duck. One William Christie does no shooting and merely appears to be along for the ride on the rampage through the Flint district of the Cherokee Nation. Blue Duck is sentenced to hang on 07/23/1886 by Judge Issac Parker at Fort Smith, AR, but it’s not to be.  {001}


John B. Gough, “The Catfish Kid” killed Pete Fulton, who was prepared to physically complain about being kept awake in a shed behind the Cone and Duran store in Tascosa, TX. The kid died in prison.  {001}


Thomas Wakefield Blackburn, Tom W. Blackburn was born on the T.O. Ranch near Raton, NM. Western author, screenwriter, songwriter.  {001}


Carleton Watkins - Photographer - Week 25Relatively unknown American photographer of the Old West, Carleton Watkins passes in Napa, CA at age 86.  Watkins kept the majority of his work, countless pictures, negatives and the majority of his stereo views, in a studio on Market Street which was destroyed in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire. This being the major reason we know little of the man’s excellent work. Even so, this is the photographer whose work led in-part to the designation of Yosemite National Park. – IN PROCESS –


William S. Hart - Week 25William S. Hart (William Surrey Hart) age 81, died in Newhall, CA. Silent film star, with one “talkie”, 1914–1939. Friend of Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson. Movies: Square Deal Sanderson, The Toll Gate, Shark Monroe, Cradle of Courage. Alleged to have purchased Billy the Kid’s pistols. Photo: Wikipedia  {001}


Romaine Lowdermilk, cowboy, singer, songwriter, performer. Photo: U.S. PD? internet {001

6/24 of…1798

Jedediah Strong Smith, born in Tioga County, NY was to become a clerk, a frontiersman, a hunter, a trapper, an author, a cartographer, and an explorer of the Rocky Mountains, the North American West, and the Southwest.  {001}


Captain Joseph Throckmorton, pilot William White and clerk E.H. Gleim bring the  steamboat Warrior into Fort Snelling, MN with supplies and a party of tourists. Among the notable passengers were, George W. Jones, Marie Pauline Gregorie (widow of slain U.S. Indian Agent Felix St. Vrain) and artist George Catlin.  {001}
see also:
Photo Gallery Index – Transportation Photos – Steamboats – Steamboat Warrior
Wk. 21, 05/24/1832 – Felix St. Vrain
Wk. 51, 12/23/1872 – George Catlin


The Union Pacific RR informs travelers that from the current railhead at Julesburg, CO, one can reach Denver in 33 hours by stagecoach. This is a distance of about 185 miles at about 5.6 rough miles per hour. Today it is less than three hours via the interstate.   {001 & 003}


Soldier’s Farewell Stage Stop east of Lordsburg, NM. The stage is burned and the driver killed by Apaches led by Magnus Coloradas.  {001}


Some of the Sioux, in the encampment around the Little Bighorn River announced that they would take the suicide vow. The ritual, which the Northern Cheyenne believed originated with them, was called “Dying Dancing.” In the next battle, they would fight until they were killed. A dance was arranged that night to honor them. Four Northern Cheyenne: Little Whirlwind (16 yrs.), Cut Belly (30 yrs.), Closed Hand (20 yrs.) and Noisy Walking (16 yrs.) decided that they would take the vow at the same time. There may have been some girls with the Sioux contingent (unverified). The camp stoked the celebration fires and the “Suicide Boys” danced through the night. It’s just possible that it was the smoke from those fires that Custer’s scouts, 15 miles away in the Wolf Mountains, saw at daybreak June 25.  {001}
References – DictionarySuicide Boys


$21,000 taken from the San Miguel Valley Bank in Telluride, CO, by  Butch Cassidy, Matt Warner and two McCarty brothers. This is before the Wild Bunch years, before prison…  {001}


Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show performs in Carlisle, PA, students at Carlisle Indian School attend.  {001}


Silverton & Northern Railcar Wm Barrett - Week 25Otto Mears - Week 25Colorado railroad pioneer Otto Mears, “Pathfinder of the San Juan’s”,  died in Pasadena, CA. Builder of Colorado’s famous “Million Dollar Highway” (1883) over treacherous Red Mountain Pass. The highway was alleged to have “a million dollars in gold” contained in the mine tailings Mears used on the roadbed. But he is best remembered for his construction of narrow gauge (3′) railroads to open up commerce and access the mining wealth of the San Juan Mountains: Rio Grande Southern Railroad (1892-1951), the Silverton Railroad (1887-1926) and the Silverton Northern Railroad (1889-1942). Photos: Rh U.S. PD pre-1931 unkown; LH  A Silverton railcar at Silverton. CO (1920’s?); PD William Barrett – U.S. Gov  via Wikipedia  {001}


First release of McCabe and Mrs. Miller starring Warren Beatty and Julie Christie. The bad guys want the land, sure enough, but there are more than a few twists of tradition in this unusual, off-beat Western. {001}


Brian Keith The Westerner 1960 - Week 25Brian Keith (Robert Alba Keith), age 75, died a suicide in Malibu, CA. Well known movie and TV star, he had numerous Westerns to his credit: Arrowhead (1953) with Charlton Heston and Jack Palance, Run of the Arrow (1957), Nevada Smith (1966), The Mountain Men (1980), Young Guns (1988). His Television appearances include The Westerner (1960), The Outlaws (1961),  How the West was Won (1977), The Chisholms, (1979, 1980). Photo: U.S. PD 1960 NBC TV promo shot with Spike for The Westerner.  {001}

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