Week 25: June

Week 25: June 18 thru 24th

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6/18 of… 1902

Annie Rogers - Week 25Annie Rogers (aka Della Moore, Maud Williams), girlfriend of Kid Curry, is acquitted of passing stolen bank notes from the Great Northern Train Robbery* . She never sees Harvey Logan again — and goes straight for the rest of her life. One of only five women ever allowed at Robbers Roost. (Wild Bunch) Photo: U.S. PD  {001}
Wk. 27, 07/03/1901 – Great Northern Coast Flyer train #3


The Indian Reorganization Act is signed by President Franklin Roosevelt. Intended to repeal much of the Dawes Act and restore tribal administration to Indian lands, in the end it further muddied the waters and brought about more dissension among the Native Americans themselves. An issue far too complicated to be addressed in The Reader. Look it up and marvel at the fallout re: land ownership, tribal administration, gambling and a host of other complications.  {001}


Richard Allen Boone born in Los Angeles, CA. Movie actor, TV star.  {001}

6/19 of… 1837

Rachael Plummer sold (ransomed) by Comanches to Comancheros and returned to her husband after two years of captivity. She wrote a book describing her experience andOld West Daily Reader Subscribe Today

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