Week 42: October

Week 42: October 15th thru 21st

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Charlie Siringo (LH) and W.B Sayers (RH) - Week 42Charlie Siringo (LH) and W.B Sayers (RH)
Hunting the Wild Bunch c. 1899-1900
Photo: U.S. PD pre-1923
10/18/1928 – below

10/15 of… 1830

Helen Hunt Jackson, born in Amherst, Massachusetts – author, pioneer Indian activist.  {001}


Isaac Charles Parker born in Barnesville, Belmont County, OH. He will become “Hanging Judge Parker“.  {001}


The first issue of the Arizona Citizen hits the streets of Tuscon, AZ. Editor/publisher Richard McCormick will have plenty to write about.  {001)Old West Daily Reader Subscribe Today

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