Week 42: October

Week 42: October 15th thru 21st

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Charlie Siringo (LH) and W.B Sayers (RH) - Week 42Charlie Siringo (LH) and W.B Sayers (RH)
Hunting the Wild Bunch c. 1899-1900
Photo: U.S. PD pre-1923
10/18/1928 – below

10/15 of… 1830

Helen Hunt Jackson, born in Amherst, Massachusetts – author, pioneer Indian activist.  {001}


Isaac Charles Parker born in Barnesville, Belmont County, OH. He will become “Hanging Judge Parker“.  {001}


The first issue of the Arizona Citizen hits the streets of Tuscon, AZ. Editor/publisher Richard McCormick will have plenty to write about.  {001)


Outlaw leader Jesse Evans is convicted and given ten years for the murder of Texas Ranger George “Red” Bingham at Presidio del Norte, Mexico, on 07/03/1880. Ranger D.T. Carson was also wounded in the affair, but the gang lost the battle. George Davis was killed, John Gross wounded, and the gang taken. This was the last hurrah of the Jesse Evans gang.  {001}


Paul Hurst born in Traver, CA. Writer, director, movie actor.  {001}

10/16 of… 1859

Intending to arm slaves and create a rebellion, 21 abolitionists led by John Brown attack and take the federal arsenal at Harper’s Ferry, VA. It only lasts two days until a contingent of 86 U.S. Marines, commanded by Army Lt. Col. Robert E. Lee with Lt. J.E.B. Stuart as his aide-de-camp, kill a few and take the rest captive; Brown is sent to Charles Town, VA, to be tried.  {001}
Wk. 48, 12/02/1859 – John Brown


Benjamin Tyler Henry - Week 42: October 14th thru 20thBenjamin Tyler Henry, an engineer working for Oliver Winchester at the Volcanic Repeating Arms Company, obtains a patent for the design which will become the famous Henry Rifle. Photo: U.S. PD 1862 Winchester Arms  {001}


Yavapai County, Arizona Territory Sheriff Ed Bowers, U.S. Marshal William W. Standefer, and a freshly deputized Virgil Earp stop fleeing felons in Prescott, AZ. Badman John Tallos is killed in the shootout and his partner, a wanted murderer named Wilson died several days later. Virgil is designated a hero in the incident.  {001}Old West Daily Reader Subscribe Today

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