Women’s Movements’ Timeline

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Women’s Movements’ Timeline  (1837 – 2010)

OWDR Welding in the Link - cartoonCartoon: U.S. PD 1912 Lou Rogers
from The Modern Woman (08/24/1912)

Here are the women, places and events, noted in Old West Daily Reader, that shaped the attitudes and lives of women in the Old West and still do so today. Some of these ladies were involved in securing women’s suffrage, others fighting the evils of alcohol. Today, perhaps defending sacred Indian tribal lands from a still predatory government.

Here are all of the references to the Women’s Movement (1837 – 2010)
appearing in Old West Daily Reader; in date order.
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Week    Date                Remarks

Wk. 18    05/01/1837    Born – Mary Harris – Mother Jones

Wk. 47    11/25/1846    Born – Carrie Amelia Moore, aka: Carrie Nation

Wk. 50    12/10/1869    Wyoming suffrage)

Wk. 45    11/08/1876    First woman J.P.

Wk. 47    11/19/1874     National Woman’s Christian Temperance Union

Wk. 10    03/11/1879    Born – Lou Rogers

Wk. 45    11/07/1893    Colorado suffrage

Wk. 04    01/27/1910    Carrie’s lash hurrah!”

Wk. 23    06/09/1911    Bury the hatchet, Carrie Nation’s gone!

Wk. 26    06/04/1919    U.S. Nineteenth Amendment, giving women the vote.

Wk. 48    11/30/1930    Gone! “The most dangerous woman in America”.

Wk. 48    03/11/1952    Died – Lou Rogers

Wk. 16   04/16/2005   Died – Mary Dann

Wk. 14   04/06/2010    Died – Wilma Mankiller

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