Week 13: March/April

Week 13: March 26th to April 1st

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3/26 of… 1804

The first official U.S. Government notice ordering Indians to move west of the Mississippi River.  {001}


Book of Mormon - 1830-edition - Week 13First publication of The Book of Mormon: An Account Written by the Hand of Mormon upon Plates Taken from the Plates of Nephi. Written by Joseph Smith*, founder of (today’s) Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Photo: U.S. PD? internet – Book of Mormon 1st edition (1830).  {001}
Wk 26, 06/26/1844 – Joseph Smith


The first skirmish of The Battle of Glorieta Pass+2, New Mexico Territory, resulted in a small Union victory.  {001}


The locomotive Sierra 3 (a 50 ton, 4-6-0, ten wheeler) was completed in the shops of the Rodgers Locomotive and Machine Works of Patterson, NJ. In addition to a respectable RR career as a working locomotive, years of storage and several rebuilds, she has become the “most photographed locomotive in the world”.Locomotive Sierra #3 - Week 13 Starting in 1919 in the serial The Red Glove (lost), her  long movie career (nearly 40) included: The Virginian – 1929, High Noon – 1952, The Long Riders – 1980, Pale Rider – 1985  and The Unforgiven – 1992. TV credits (over 30): Death Valley days – 1962-65, Rawhide – 1960, Bonanza – 1972 and  Little House on the Prairie – 1975-83. Photo: Sierra No. 3, c. 1904, Wikipedia  {001}
see also:
Wk. 27, 07/03/2010 – Sierra No. 3


The Battle of Mexican Bend (UT), Joe Walker shoots Sheriff Tuttle breaking his thigh and ending the fight.  {001}


Tombstone, AZ sees the passing of Robert H. “Bob” Paul at 69. Whaler, sailor, prospector, shotgun messenger; he finally settled in as a lawman. Six-foot four, 240 pounds, an ever present shotgun and a full measure of courage made him a legend in the Arizona Territory. Friend of Wyatt and Virgil Earp and well connected into Wells Fargo. Messenger on the Benson Stage* and the Arizona official sent to Colorado during the attempt to extradite Doc Holliday** for the Gunfight at the OK Corral.*** Photo: U.S. PD, c. 1890 TYH!  {001}
*Wk. 11, 03/15/1881 – Benson Stage holdup
** Wk 22, 05/29/1882 – Extradition
***Wk. 43, 10/26/1881 – Gunfight at the OK Corral
Quotes Index – Gunfighter Quotesabout Bob Paul


George Collins, aka: Fred Lewis hanged for the murder of Pinkerton Agent Charles Schumacher who was pursuing him and partner Bill Randolph for a bank robbery in Union, MO.  {001}


Dorothy Page, dead of cancer at 57, La Belle, FL.  Early ‘30’s NBC Radio singer; after appearing in several films, she made 3 singing cowgirl movies for Grand National Pictures in 1938-39: Water Rustlers (1939); Ride ‘Em Cowgirl (1939); The Singing Cowgirl (1939), none fared well at the box office.  {001}


Quentin Tarantino - Week 13Film director Quentin Tarantino, born in Knoxville, Tennessee, and raised in Los Angeles. His most recent work is 2012’s critically acclaimed Django Unchained; in the spaghetti western tradition, set in the antebellum era of the Deep South, about a slave/bounty hunter who sets out to find his missing wife. It became the highest-grossing film of his career so far, making over $425 million at the box office. Photo: U.S. PD 2014 Georges Biard   {003}

3/27 of… 1836

Antonio Lopez de Santa_Anna - c 1853 - Week 13James Walker Fannin - Week 13The Goliad Massacre (TX), aka: Fort Defiance (Presidio La Bahía) Troops under the command of Colonel James Fannin, burdened by wounded and outmaneuvered by Mexican troops under General Urrea surrendered at the Battle of Coleto Creek  unaware that they are under a death sentence from General Santa Anna (pictured). Col Jose Nicolas de Portilla carries out the order and has some 400 Texicans murdered. However, 28 escaped in the confusion to report the atrocity. Three of the survivors later fought at the Battle of San Jacinto. Photos: U.S. PD; Santa Anna and James Fannin.  {001}
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Wk. 10, 03/06/1836 – The fall of The Alamo
Wk. 12, 03/19/1836 – Battle of Coleto Creek
Wk. 16, 04/21/1836 – Battle of San Jacinto


Cimarron, NM: Joe Olney (aka: Joe Hill) comes out the winner as he and Doc Stokes exchange hot lead.  {001}


Robert “Bob” Ford, assassin of Jesse James, hired as a city lawman according to a report in the Albuquerque Democrat.  {001}


Henry Starr and Frank Cheney take the Caney Valley Bank at Caney, KS. However, there seems to be a small discrepancy of $ 11,100 between the $4,900 Starr claimed he got and what the Bank reported lost. One has to wonder which side of the teller line the thieves were on?  {001}


In a classic battle over water rights, Oliver Milton Lee and James R. Fennimore exchange rifle fire; Fennimore is lightly wounded in the hip. Dog Canyon, NM.  {001}
Quotes Index – Commentators QuotesMark Twain water quote

3/28 of… 1862

The definitive engagement of The Battle of Glorieta Pass+2 New Mexico Territory; Confederate troops under the command of Brigadier General Henry H. Sibley, actually defeated Union troops commanded by Colonel Edward Canby; however, in a separate action, forces under the command of Major John MChivington destroyed a large supply train and cut the southerners supply line resulting in the strategic loss of the battle, control of the territory and the end of the Confederate presence in the West.  {001}


A local entrepreneur’s dreams of profit from selling tickets for seats in the bleachers he had constructed to view the impending hanging of the five Bisbee Massacre+2 bandits was shattered when the new edifice was destroyed sometime before dawn. “The Miner’s Angel“, Nellie Cashman and friends had taken umbrage at the hanging becoming a public spectacle in Tombstone+2.  {001}


Tombstone, AZ Territory+2: Bill Delaney, Dan Dowd, Dan Kelly, Tex Howard and Red Sample are the subjects of Cochise County’s first official hanging. In front of 50 official guests invited by Sheriff Jerome Ward, the perpetrators of The Bisbee Massacre+2 receive their just reward. They soon joined mastermind John Heath in Boot Hill. {001}
Wk.49, 12/08/1883 – The Bisbee Massacre
Wk. 08, 02/22/1884 – John Heath


Kootenai, ID County Deputy Sheriff Wyatt Earp and Shoshone County Deputy Sheriff W.E. Hunt quash a short shootout between a property owner and a squatter; no injuries.  {001}


Kid Curry and Will Carver shoot it out with Sheriff Edward Beeler’s posse; Curry and Carver killed Deputy Andrew Gibbons and Deputy Frank LeSeuer; St. Johns, AZ.  {001}


Charles Starrett, “The Durango Kid”, born in Athol, MA  {001}


Died and buried on his 1280 acre Texas ranch, Daniel Webster Wallace, known to all as “80 John“. Born a slave, Wallace ran away in 1877 and joined a cattle drive working as a drover and later as a wrangler and horse breaker.  Through hard work and help from a patron, he was able started ranching for himself in 1887, southeast of Loraine in Mitchell County, on land he had purchased two years before. His Hereford*cattle were branded D on the right hip and a running W on one side, his Durham*cattle brand was a D triangle. Wallace married and sired three children. He became one of the most respected black ranchers of his time. Photo: U.S. PD? Fair Use.  {001}
see also:
*The Originals Index – Cow? What Cow?Durham and Hereford cattle.
Timelines – Timelines A-L – Black History Timeline


The Chicago Tribune notes that the City of Omaha, NE is closing the Omaha Stockyards after a 116 year run. Operation will cease on or before the end of December 1999. The land to become an industrial park.  {001}
see also:
Wk. 31, 07/30/1971 – Chicago Union Stockyards

3/29 of… 1848

The passing of America’s first multi-millionaire businessman, John Jacob Astor at age 84 in New York City, NY. He had emigrated to England then to the United States. He worked with his brother’s butcher shop, imported his uncle’s musical instruments and ran a fur business in New York. In the early 1800’s he was making a fortune dealing furs in China and once smuggled a shipload of opium. The American Fur Company was founded in 1808 and the Pacific Fur Company in 1810.* PFC’s Fur Trading Post, Fort Astoria, was the first settlement by U.S. citizens in the Pacific Northwest. Later, Astor took his money out of the fur trade and put his wealth into New York real estate and made another fortune. After retiring from business, he spent the rest of his life as a patron of culture and politics. Astor died America’s richest man, his net worth $20 million (US), an estimated $138 billion (U.S.) in 2018. Painting: photo U.S. PD   {001}
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Dick Wooten’s Saloon, ??, CO; after an altercation over a poker game the night before, John Rooker sneaks into the saloon the following morning to ambush Jack O’Neil who lived on the street and would pass by. Rooker gives O’Neil a fatal dose from both barrels and rides out of town to freedom. (Ferry Street??)  {001}


Jack Chandler’s Ranch near Tombstone, AZ; acting on a tip from J. B. Ayers passed through Wells Fargo Agent Fred Dodge, Cochise County Deputy Billy Breakenridge and lawmen E.H. Allen, John A. Gillespie and Jack Young attempt to arrest Billy Grounds and Zwing Hunt for the murder of Mining Engineer Robert Peel. Deputy Gillespie and Billy Grounds killed, Deputies Young, Allen and Cowboy Zwing Hunt wounded in the melee.  Zwing later said he thought it was Wyatt Earp’s posse not Sheriff Johnny Behan’s men or he and Billy would not have tried to shoot it out.  {001}


City Marshal Joe Townsend shoots and kills EmmanuelMannenClements in Ballinger’s Senate Saloon; Ballinger, TX.  {001}


Zip’ Wyatt and two accomplices rob a store and kill owner E.H. Townsend in Todd, Blaine County, OK.  {001}


San Geronimo Ranch near Guerrero, Mexico: the U.S. 7th Cavalry, Col. George A. Dodd, commanding; make what is claimed to be the last true cavalry charge in history against Mexican troops commanded by Pancho Villa. Although the Americans won the engagement, Villa was not captured.  {001}


Studio City, CA sees the passing of Country musician and Western Film Star, Monte Hale at 89. His first “B” western was Home on the Range (1946).  {001}

3/30 of… 1810

Ann Sophia Stephens - Week 13, March 26th thru April 1stAnn Sophia Stephens, born in Derby, CN; American author; credited with being the progenitor of the Dime Novel,*; active and prolific from 1831 until her death at 76 years old in 1886 at Newport, RI. Portrait: U.S. PD Edgar Allen Poe Society of Baltimore.  {001}
*Wk. 23, 06/09/1860 – Beadle’s Dime Novel Series


The Ninth Handcart Company (Robinson) arrives safely in Salt Lake City. They have only lost one of the 233 who started from Florence, NE (1030 miles).  {001}


William H. Seward - Week 13Seward’s Folly“: for the grand sum of $7.2 million dollars the United States purchased a Russian territory [since 1741] called Alaska.  The American public was not sold on the deal for 663,268 square miles of frozen tundra. Negotiated with Russian minister, Baron Eduard de Stoeckl and signed by President Andrew Johnson’s secretary of state, William Seward, the acquisition was also described as Andrew Johnson’s “polar bear garden” and “Seward’s Icebox.” In the end, the Alaska purchase would be seen as one of Seward’s greatest accomplishments. Photo: U.S. PD, c. 1860-65 Mathew Brady & Levin Handy – Secretary of State (1861-69  William Henry Seward)  {001 & 003}
Wk. 15, 04/10/1867 – Alaska Purchase
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Amarillo, TX, jealous muleteer Henry Wheeler accosts and shoots his wife as she walks home from her employment as a chambermaid at the Menger Hotel. Most of the community felt she had not earned her husband’s ire. The ghost of Sally White is occasionally reported as having been seen continuing her duties in the old hotel (which paid for her coffin).  {001}
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Butch Cassidy, Tom McCarty and “The Mormon Kid” (Matt Warner) take the First National Bank of Denver, CO for $20,000.  {001}


Born in Syracuse, N.Y., M.H. “Dutch” Salmon: author, conservationist.  {001}


Dale L. Morgan (Lowell Dale Morgan) age 56, died in CA?  Researcher, Historian; although specializing in Mormon history, Morgan aided many other historians and writers.  Jedediah Smith and the Opening of the West (1953), The West of William H. Ashley (1964). Here are perspectives on some of the foundations of the Western movement.  {001}

3/31 of… 1875

Uncle Cale Longley blamed Wilson Anderson for the death of his son and urged his nephew Bill Longley to take the revenge. Bill shotgunned his boyhood friend and fled with the law in pursuit.  {001}


Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show embarks from New York for England on the steamship “State of Nebraska”  {001}


James P. “Jim” MastersonJames P Masterson - Week 13 [brother to Bat & Ed]; Buffalo hunter, City Policeman, Ford County Deputy Sheriff, Dodge City Marshal, deputy U.S. Marshal. Died of galloping consumption (tuberculosis) in Guthrie, OK. Photo: U.S. PD c. 1880’s  {001}
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Masterson, Bat, Ed & Jim Timeline


James Kenneth Ralston born in Choteau, MT: Western Painter.  {001}


TV’s Gunsmoke finally blows away in the wind, the longest running TV Western calls it quits after 635 episodes. 5 sidekicks, morphing characters, from a half hour show to an hour and from black & white to color, easily the most popular of the genre. The show spawned five made for TV movies: Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge (1987), The Last Apache (1990), To the Last Man (1992), The Long Ride (1993) and Gunsmoke: One Man’s Justice (1994). Photo: U.S. PD studio promo.  {001}


The final day of this week falls in April.

4/1 of… 1865

Launched the previous year and drawing just 3 feet of water, Montana and Idaho Transportation Lines 162 foot sternwheeler, Bertrand under the command of Captain James Yore, churned the Mighty Mo’ about 25 miles upstream from Omaha, NE on its’ way north to the gold fields, trading posts, stores and growing communities of Montana. It was a dangerous two month long trip that paid exceptionally well, if you could pilot the ever shifting channels and avoid trouble with the turbulent Sioux. In navigating the Desoto Bend of the Missouri River she struck a submerged log. As the current rapidly filled the vessels tightly packed holds the crew put out the gangplank, and passengers and crew walked to shore. In less than ten minutes, she sank in 8 feet of water. No one died, but nearly the entire cargo was lost; the combined vessel and cargo insurance claim was estimated at $100,000.  {003}
The Originals Index – Trade in the Old West – Commerce in the Old West1865 – Bertrand.


Taken by the Pinkertons not long before, Reno Gang train robbers Albert Perkins, Miles Ogle and Frank Reno escape jail.  {001}
The Originals Index – Outlaw Gangs Index – Reno Gang


William Bradford Waddell, age 65, dies in ??. Waddell was the accountant of the partnership of Russell, Majors and Waddell, creators of the Pony Express.  {001}


LCW: The Regulators, Billy the Kid, Henry Brown, John Middleton, Jose Chavez y Chavez, Fred Wait and Jim French kill Sheriff William Brady and his Deputy George Hindman from ambush at Lincoln, NM. Chavez y Chavez credited himself with Brady’s killing. They also wound Billy Matthews but miss George Peppin and Jack Long.  {001}


Doolin Gang outlaws Bill Dalton and “Bitter Creek GeorgeNewcomb, tangle with old-time lawman W.H. Carr in his store at Sacred Heart, OK. Carr is seriously wounded by Newcomb but manages to shoot Newcomb in the shoulder and drive the outlaws away empty handed.   {001}
The Originals Index – Outlaw Gangs Index – Doolin Gang – Wild Bunch


Canyon de Chelly National Monument established by the National Park Service. Located in northeastern Arizona within the boundaries of the Navajo Nation. It encompasses the floors and rims of three major canyons: de Chelly, del Muerto, and Monument, preserving ruins of the early indigenous tribes that lived in the area. Reflecting some 4,000 years of occupation by Ancient Puebloan Peoples (Anasazi), Hopi and Navajo, it is one of the longest continuously inhabited landscapes of North America. The monument covers 83,840 acres (131.0 sq mi; 339.3 km2) and

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