Week 17: April

Week 17: April 23rd thru 29th

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4/23 of… 1852

Bridge Gulch Massacre, (aka: Hayfork Massacre or Natural Bridge Massacre) northern CA: Trinity County Sheriff William H. Dixon led some 70 men to respond to the killing of Colonel John Anderson by local Indians. Tracking the Wintu to a part of the Hayfork Valley known as Bridge Gulch; they waited until early morning before attacking the camp to ensure that no one could escape. More than 150 Wintu were killed, only three children survived the carnage. The tribe massacred had no connection with the group who had actually done the killing. Typical of the times, there were no consequences to the whites.  {001}


First publication of the Rocky Mountain News in the Pikes Peak Region (Colorado territory-to-be).  {001}


Capt. Silas Soule - Week 17Captain Silas Stillman Soule abolitionist, jayhawker, prospector, and soldier — is murdered at age 26 by Charles Squires in Denver, CO. This is thought to be in retribution for Soule’s testimony against Col. John Chivington and the crimes of the Sand Creek Massacre. Squires escaped justice. Photo: U.S. PD , pre-1865.   {001}
Wk. 48, 11/29/1864 – Silas Soule
Photo Gallery – People & Places PhotosJayhawker Ten


Buster Crabbe - Week 17Clarence LindenBusterCrabbe, age 75, died in Scottsdale, AZ. Olympic swimming champion, Tarzan, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and a “B” Western movie star. More than 100 movies, some of them westerns: Law and Order (1932), Man of the Forest (1933), His Brother’s Ghost (1945) and thirty-six films in the Billy the Kid/Billy Carson series with Al St. John, as sidekick Fuzzy Q. Jones. Buster Crabbe Comics (1951-53) 12 issues.  Horse: Falcon. (Photo: U.S. PD an early publicity shot).  {001}


Alferd Packer - Week 17Alfred G. “Alferd” Packer, “The Colorado Cannibal”, age 65, died in Deer Creek, Jefferson County, CO.  {001}
Wk. 16, 04/16/1874 – Cannibalism!
References – Dictionary Wendigo

4/24 of…1832

Navoo, IL: Founder of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons), Joseph Smith, dragged from his home by a mob, stripped and beaten, then tarred and feathered.* His wife and infant child, cast from his bed by the attackers, were threatened and forced from the home into the night; the infant, died from exposure several days later. Smith was left for dead, but limped back to the home of friends who spent much of the night scraping the tar from his body, leaving his skin raw and bloody. Even so, Smith spoke at a church devotional meeting the following day. It was reported that he was covered with open wounds and still very weak from the assault.  {001}
see also:
References – Dictionarytarred and feathered
Quotes Index – Commentators QuotesHistoryJoseph Smith


Morgan S. “Morg” Earp born in Pella, IA. Lawman.  {001}


5,000 citizens turn out to see John Millain hang for the murder of popular madame Julia Bulette in Virginia City, NV.   {001}
Wk. 03, 01/20/1867 – Julia Bulette


The Manhattan Earthquake, the strongest to originate in the state, struck Riley County, KS. Measuring 5.1 on a seismic scale based on reports of how strongly it was felt in the area. Its epicenter was near the town of Manhattan. There were reports of minor damage in Kansas, Iowa, and Missouri. It was felt as far away as Indiana and Illinois, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. On the Mercalli intensity scale, its maximum perceived intensity was VII, “very strong”. {001}


The Lee faction promptly kills three Kansas gunmen imported by the Peacock side. Pilot Grove, TX.  {001}


Andrew Smith Hallidie - Week 17Gone at 65 years: Englishman Andrew Smith Hallidie, inventor/designer of the San Francisco, CA cable car system. Also a prolific builder of bridges and mining machinery in post gold-rush California. Photo: U.S. PD pre-1900, by unknown, S.F. Public Library.  {003}
Wk. 35, 09/01/1873 – Day One!


Renault Renaldo Duncan, aka Duncan Renaldo, born in Spain (or maybe New Jersey, or Romania—he said he didn’t know). Movie actor.  {001}


Willa Cather - c 1912 - Week 17Prolific writer and well known novelist Willa Cather, dead at age 73 in Manhattan, New York City, NY. She said, “Let your fiction grow out of the land beneath your feet.” She did just that. Added the characters she met in life and began by describing the America she saw fading away. First in her in magazine articles, and then with O Pioneers! (1913); The Song of the Lark (1915) and My Ántonia (1918). A Pulitzer Prize in 1923 for One of Ours (1922) and the publication of A Lost Lady (1923) brought her writing focus out of the old west and into her “modern” world. Photo: U.S. PD c. 1912 Aime Dupont Studio, New York.  {001 & 003}
Quotes Index- CommentatorsWilla Cather [3]
Quotes Index – Rules to Live ByWilla Cather
References – Books – Novels and History (non-ref)Cather, Willa

4/25 of…1852

Edgar Samuel Paxon, born in East Hamburg New York. Montana-based frontier painter, scout, soldier and writer.  {001}


New Mexico Territory (1850) - Week 17The Gadsden Purchase is ratified by the U.S. Senate. A strip of land across the southern edge of what is now Arizona and part of New Mexico was bought from Mexico to acquire a southern route for a proposed transcontinental railroad and probably to extend the influence of the slave states into the west. The graphic shows the 1854 New Mexico Territory in white, and in yellow the added purchase. Graphic: U.S. PD 2008 XcepticZP  {001}
see also:
Wk. 5, 02/02/1848 – Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo


Leadville, CO, Marshal George O’Connor is gunned down at the bar of Billy Nye’s Saloon by James M. “Tex” Bloodsworth, one of his own deputies. Bloodsworth escaped. The vacant position would soon be filled by Mart Duggan.  {001}


Half of the prosperous mining town of Cripple Creek, CO+3 is burned to the ground!  {001}


The United States declares war on Spain. Numerous old west figures will participate in the conflict.  {001}


The booming Colorado mining town of Cripple Creek+3 suffers a devastating fire which takes half the town.  {001}


Black Jack Ketchum - Week 17Tom “Black Jack” Ketchum, age 34 or 35, hanged in Clayton, NM. Working cowboy, bank, stage and train robber, “Father-of-the-Feast” of the gang that bore his name. Due to a small rope and long drop, he was decapitated. Two sheriff’s deputies had to sit on the body for a while.  {001}
Others claimed that the real problem was that Jack had put on some weight while in jail and and the hangman didn’t take that into account in his drop calculations.  Doc
Photo Gallery Index – Hangings & Shootings
Black Jack Ketchum
Quotes Index – GunfightersBlack Jack Kechum


The law was more than ready but there was no rescue this time… Irvin Frazier, aka John Gates, hanged in Socorro, NM. Reynold Greer was never apprehended.  {001}

4/26 of…1798

Or was it 1800? Fur Trapper and Mountain Man to be, Jim Beckwourth is born James Pierson Beckwith, a slave, in Frederick County, VA.  {001}
References – DictionaryMountain Man


Lewis and Clark‘s Corps of Discovery camped at the confluence of the Yellowstone and the Missouri rivers, their first step into what is today’s Montana.  {001}


Born in Madison, NY, Edward Maynard. Dentist, firearms inventor.  {001}


Battle of Sand Butte: Modoc Indians (22) under Scarface Charley attack 66 regulars and 14 scouts under Capt. Evan Thomas. In the rout that followed, five officers were killed and one wounded; the enlisted ranks lost 13, with 16 wounded. Many fled in panic.  {001}
Photo Gallery – Indian PhotosModoc War
PLAYERS – Timelines – Timelines A – L – Indian WarsModoc War


Guin “Big Boy” Williams born in Decatur, TX. Movie actor.  {001}


Gunsmoke comes to CBS Radio with William Conrad as Matt Dillon, Georgia Ellis as Miss Kitty, Parley Baer as Chester and Howard McNear as Doc. Photo: U.S. PD studio promo.  {001}


A B Guthrie - Week 17A.B. “Bud” Guthrie, western novelist, died at his ranch in Choteau, MT, at 90 years old. Journalist, editor, author. Guthrie wrote while working as a journalist until he became a successful author: Murders at Moondance (1943), The Big Sky (1947), The Way West (1949)—this one won the Pulitzer Prize—and These Thousand Hills (1956). He also wrote some non-fiction, children’s books, short stories and the screenplay for the movie Shane (1953). Photo: U.S. © 1950 Great Falls Tribune; Fair Use  {001}


Joe Beeler - Week 17Joe Neil Beeler (b. 1931?) died in Sedona, AZ. A prolific American Western Artist: illustrator, artist and sculptor. One of the original founders of the Cowboy Artists of America. Look up this man’s astounding body of work! TYH! Photo: U.S. ©? courtesy Pittsburgh State University – Fair Use.  {001}

4/27 of…1876

Shackleford County, TX, Sheriff John Larn, having traveled to Dodge City, KS, takes in outlaws Hank Floyd and Bill Henderson who are wanted for murder and robbery.  {001}


LCW: The Murphy-Dolan faction-controlled Lincoln County Commission appoints John M. Copeland to replace murdered Sheriff William Brady.  {001}
Wk. 13, 04/01/1878 – William Brady, etc.


Bear Valley Raid (AZ): During Geronimo’s War, a band of Chiricahua+2 Apaches spent two days attacking settlements in Santa Cruz County, AZ. Four cattle ranches in and around Bear Valley were raided, destroying a large amount of property. Four settlers were killed, including a woman and her baby. A young girl was taken captive and later killed. Two young boys, Johnny Bartlett (10-14  yrs.?) and Phil Shanahan (10 yrs.) became heroes as a result of their actions during the raid. Young Shanahan rode alone, in daylight, to his family’s ranch to warn then of the raid, thus saving his mother and sisters. Johnny Bartlett made three dangerous trips alone, one at night and one, under fire, where his horse was shot dead under him. They were each given a commemorative rifle and recognized as heroes by their community. TYH!
Captain Thomas C. Lebo and Troop K of the 10th Cavalry (Buffalo Soldiers) were sent after the Apaches and tracked the raiders south….
After his surrender, Geronimo said, although he been raiding in the area at the time, he did not lead the Bear Valley attack. Therefore, the assumption has been made that the attacks were likely led by the warrior Naiche, eldest son of Cochise.  {001}


Black Jack Christian - Week 17Led by U.S. Marshal Fred Higgins and Deputy Sheriff Ben Clark, a five man posse ambush the High Fives Gang in what will become known as Black Jack Canyon southeast of Clifton, AZ. They kill Oklahoma outlaw Black Jack Christian, leader of the gang. Two surviving members of the gang escape. The posse proudly paraded Jack’s body around Clifton on a lumber wagon. Photo: U.S. PD, Black Jack c. 1880-90’s.  {001}
The Originals Index – Outlaw Gangs IndexHigh Fives Gang


Died: James Grimshaw Cayton, age 77, in Rifle, CO. An early ranger with the U.S. Forest Service (1904-37). The agency tried to get a handle on water, timber, mining and grazing lands. Men like Cayton dealt with rustlers, ranchers and railroads, forest fires, sheep men and free-wheeling western entrepreneurs, trying to bring some semblance of order to the tumultuous growing West. Ranger Cayton was a part of the birth of the nation’s new conservation ethic and addressing early environment problems such gas in the mines, arsenic in mine runoff and the many problems with cyanide process gold mills.*   {001, 002 & 021}
References – Books used as ReferenceJames G. Cayton: Pioneer Forest Ranger
References – Dictionarycyanide process

4/28 of… 1860

The Elwood and Marysville RR, first in Kansas.  {001}


The Alma Massacre. Apache Chief Victorio leads Chiricahua+2 warriors on a murderous raid in the Alma, NM Territory, area. The Cooney Mining Camp, led by ex-army sergeant and discoverer of the lode (1870) James C. Cooney, is attacked and three are killed. Cooney, Jack Chick and a man known only as Buhlman, having escaped the initial attack, died trying to ride and warn others of the raid. In all, at least forty-one were killed and most, if not all, horribly mutilated: local miners, sheepherders and settlers. There was no known provocation. When troopers from Fort Bayard arrived, the Indians fled.  {001}
Photo Gallery – Pushin’ Up DaisiesCooney’s Tomb


LCW: Billy the Kid escapes from jail and kills deputies J.W. Bell & Bob Olinger (with his own shotgun) at Lincoln, NM. Olinger had taunted The Kid, sticking the shotgun in his face and marking off the days until the Kid’s hanging date.  {001}
Quotes Index – Billy the Kid


Charley Nebo and Nicholas Janis - Week 17Clackamas County, OR sees the passing of old time cowboy, Charley Nebo at 84 yrs. Cowboy and adventurer. He had a way of passin’ through at the right time. Photo: U.S. PD Charley Nebo and Nicholas Janis.  {001}
Quotes Index – Cowboy Quotes – quote about Charley Nebo


Police officers arrested Jack Woody, 31, Dan Dee Nez, 25 and Leon B. Anderson, 44  when they were in a hogan in Needles, Calif., as part of a religious ceremony, which included the use of peyote. As the police entered the hogan one of the Indians handed the officers a gold-colored portrait frame containing a photo static copy of the articles of incorporation of the Native American Church of California, which stated: ‘That we as a people place explicit faith and hope and belief in the Almighty God and declare full, competent, and everlasting faith in our Church things which and by which we worship God. That we further pledge ourselves to work for unity with the sacramental use of peyote and its religious use.”
Those arrested, were later convicted of violating section 11500 of the state’s Health and Safety Code. Several years later the convictions were reversed (The California Supreme Court, in a 6-1 decision, had ruled that American Indians using peyote in their religious rites are not in violation of the state’s narcotic laws.).  {001}
The Originals Index – Resources and Hazards – Plants –
Hallucinogenic PlantsPeyote


Ken Curtis - Week 17Ken Curtis (born Curtis Wain Gates) died in Fresno, CA at age 74. Singer, movie actor, TV actor. He played the sidekick Festus to James Arness as Matt Dillon on CBS  TV’s Gunsmoke for eleven years (239 episodes). His movie credits include: Rio Grande (1950), The Searchers (1956) and How the West was Won (1962), among others. Hall of Great Western Performers at The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum (1981). TYH! Photo: U.S. PD 1964  {001}

4/29… 1847

The four rescue expeditions from the California side eventually save the remaining immigrants of the Donner Party. The last lone survivor, Louis (Lewis) Keseburg, reaches Sutter’s Fort, CA. The freezing cold, starvation, fights, murder and cannibalism have taken 39; 48 live to tell the tale. It will take years to sort out something approaching the truth of the conflicting stories, ie, did Keseburg kill and eat Tamsen Donner as some say he later claimed he did?  {001}


Born in San Francisco, CA: William Randolph Hearst. Newspaper publisher.  {001}


The James-Younger Gang takes the bank at Columbia, KY, for $600, killing clerk R.A.C. Martin in the process.  {001}


Railroad: The Janney coupler, aka: knuckle coupler or Buckeye coupler, was invented by Eli H. Janney, who received a second patent (U.S. Patent 138,405) for an improved design on this date. Janney was a dry goods clerk and former Confederate Army officer from Alexandria, Virginia, who used his lunch hours to whittle an alternative to the dangerous link and pin coupler from wood. The design worked like a pair of human hands grasping one another, while a pin situated inside the coupler, closed and locked the coupler automatically via the force of the cars coming together. More importantly, it didn’t risk the brakeman’s life and limb every time he connected and dis-connected cars. Even so, the first patent had been in 1864 and it took almost thirty years and government regulation after this one, before use of this much safer coupler was implemented by the railroads nationwide.* The term Buckeye coupler (used mostly by English RR’s) comes from the nickname of the U.S. state of Ohio, the “Buckeye State” and the Ohio Brass Company which originally marketed the coupling. Photos: LH U.S. PD, pre-1923, internet; RH U.S. PD? internet, Knuckle coupler (modern design).  {001}
*Wk. 07, 03/02/1896 – Railroad Safety Appliance Act
References – Dictionary Janney coupler
References – DictionaryLink and Pin coupler


Alfred Sully - Brig Gen US Army - Week 17Fort Vancouver, Washington Territory notes the passing of Brevet Brigadier General Alfred Sully: Indian Wars service, a brutal but effective soldier, before and after participation in the Civil War. Son–in-law of Black Lodge (Tipi Sapa) Yankton/Nakota Sioux. Photo: U.S. PD pre-1879 by unknown. {001}


It’s only been four days since half the city was taken by fire, but, unbelievably, it happens again and the mining town of Cripple Creek, CO+3 is burned completely out! Yet the wealthy, resilient town was in major re-construction within months. As with other communities suffering the same fate, They used a lot of brick…  {001}


Elmer Stephen Kelton born at horse camp on The Five Wells Ranch in Andrews County, TX. Western author.  {001}

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