The Players: F

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Name, Place, or Title Born Died Noted
Faber, Charles51
Fabulous Topperwein's, The (Shooting Act)09, 18
Fadel, George39
Faesch, Susanna Carolina (see: Weldon, Caroline)--49
Fairbanks, Douglas [M] (Movie Star)1883193949
Fairhurst, Lee02
Falcon (Horse)17
Fall Creek Massacre (1824)02, 12, 25
Fan Tan (Chinese Gambling Game)0
Fannie Porter's Whorehouse (San Antonio, Tx)37
Fannin, James (Colonel) Texas Independence1804-05?1312, 13
Fantasy02, 44
Far Canyon, The (Novel) 199434
Far Country, The (M) 195505, 34
Far Frontier, The (M) 194811
Fargo, William George (Founder, Wells Fargo)11, 12, 20, 31
Farley, Louis (Army Scout)38
Farnam, William (Movie Actor)23, 27
Farnham, Thomas J. (Pioneer)18
Faro (Gambling Game) "Buck the Tiger"0
Farr, Ed (Sheriff)29
Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting (Book) 193850
Fast Bear (Kiowa Warrior) c. 1870's20
Fastest Gun Alive (M - 1956)05
Father of American Mixolology50
Father of Modern Rodeo35
Father of Texas52
Father of the Texas Panhandle50
Father Pierre-Jean (see: Black Robe)0
Fatima (Belly Dancer)51
Fay, Charles36
Feather River (CA)27
Feather River Canyon (CA - WPRR) 190944
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 193530
Feeney, John Martin (see: Ford, John)0
Fennimore, James R.13
Ferguson, Lark (see: Spence, Pete)0
Fernández, General Nicolás10
Ferrel, Bessie0
Ferrel, Delta0
Festus (FC, TV Sidekick) Gunsmoke17
Fetterman Massacre51, 52
Fetterman, William J. (Captain) U.S. Army)51
Feud at Single Shot, The (Novel) 193533
Ficklin, Benjamin F. (Telegraph Line Builder)43
Fields, Mary (see: Stagecoach Mary)0
Fifth Cavalry, US Army02
Fifth Regiment, Colored Artillery (Heavy)11
Figer, Dan (Intimidated Witness)29
Fighting Bear (Pawnee Chief)31
Fighting Cheyennes, The (Book) 191515
Fighting Gringo, The (MP) 193904
Fighting Redhead, The (M) 195023
Fillmore, Millard (13th U.S. President)28
Finch, Stanley (First "Chief" if the BI)30
Finds Them and Kills Them (Transvestite Crow Warrior)24
Fink, Mike aka: Miche Phinck "King of the Keelboaters"0
Finkel, Sgt. Frank (U.S. 7th Cavalry)26, 35
Finley, Bob (Outlaw)35
Fisher, Fred (Olive croney)09
Fisher, Henry Francis (Land Grant, TX)26, 27
Fisher, John King (Deputy Sheriff)10, 52
Fisher, Kate (Big Nose Kate)0
Fisher-Miller Land Grant (1842 - TX)26, 27
Fitch, Thomas (Author)0
Fitzpatrick, Thomas (Rocky Mountain Fur Company)06, 27, 43
Fitzsimmons, Robert (boxer)49
Five Day Battle, The (LCW)28, 29
Five Joaquiens (CA, outlaws)19
Flaming Frontier ( 1926 Silent?)34
Flaming Frontiers (Serial?) ????46
Flash (Horse)27
Flash Gordon (FC, Books, Comics, Movies, TV)17
Flatt, George W.25, 27
Fleming, Victor "Vic" (Movie Star)01, 08
Florence Rena Sabin (Pioneering female Physician) 1871 - 195340, 45
Flores-Daniels Gang (CA 1856-58)04
Floyd, Hank (Outlaw, murderer)17
Fly, Camillos Sydney "Buck" (T, Photographer)08, 41
Flynn, Errol Leslie (Movie Star)23, 25, 41
Following the Guidon (Book - 1890)14
Folly of a Life of Crime, (M-1914)12
Folsom Prison (CA)06, 12, 26, 45, 52
Fonda, Henry (Movie Star)20, 32, 38, 49
Foote, Mary Hallock (Illustrator, Author)26, 45
For a Few Dollars More (M) 196518
Forbes, Charley26
Ford County, KS33
Ford, Barney Lancelot (entrepreneur, civil rights pioneer)045104, 51
Ford, Charley (Outlaw)281814, 18, 36
Ford, Clarence (Outlaw)28, 36
Ford, Glen (Movie Actor)32
Ford, John "Rip" (Captain, Texas Rangers)1815189704, 19
Ford, John M. (Movie Direcor)18943504, 21, 35, 38
Ford, Robert Newton "Bob" (Outlaw, Asassin)052305, 09, 13, 14, 16, 22, 23, 28, 49
Forest and Stream Magazine15
Forsyth, Col. James W. (U.S. Army) Commander at Wounded Knee52
Forsyth, George (Major USA)38
Forsythe, Alexander (Preacher, Inventor) [Percussion Cap)0
Fort Abraham Lincoln1872189109, 20, 35
Fort Abraham Lincoln, ND (187?)05, 27
Fort Apache (M) 194832, 35, 38
Fort Arbuckle (OK?)43
Fort Astoria (OR) 181112, 23, 43
Fort Bayard04
Fort Bayard (NM)04, 17
Fort Benton36
Fort Bridger, WY08, 29, 40
Fort Buford (Dakota Territory)33
Fort Concho, TX (1867-1889)25, 28, 30
Fort Defiance (1836)13
Fort Defiance Massacre0
Fort Defiance, AZ 185137
Fort Dodge, KS22, 49
Fort Duchesesne02
Fort Ellis, MT05
Fort Ellsworth, KS27, 30, 38
Fort Fetterman- WY05
Fort Kearney- NE21
Fort Kearny, NE (1848-71)21
Fort Laramie, WY21, 22, 26
Fort Larime, WY52
Fort Larned, KS c. 1860's14
Fort Leavenworth, KS19, 22, 29, 30, 37, 47
Fort Lincoln (Dakota Territory)09
Fort Lyons, CO0
Fort McLane, NM03
Fort Mojave (1859 - 1861 /1863 - 18??)31
Fort Neoheroka (see: Massacres of Indians)0
Fort Owen, MT (1850's?)07
Fort Parker, TX (Massacre)20
Fort Phil Kearney, WY31, 52
Fort Pierre (SD Terr.) c. 186336
Fort Pubelo Massacre (1854)52
Fort Richardson, TX (186?)08, 20
Fort Riley, KS30
Fort Robinson (NE)02, 50
Fort Shaw, MT05
Fort Sill, OK (186?)18, 39, 43
Fort Smith, AR06, 11, 15, 24, 36, 37
Fort St. Louis08
Fort Stanton, NM (Lincoln)19
Fort Sumner, NM30, 44, 51
Fort Tejon Earthquake02
Fort Union, NM44, 45
Fort Wallace, KS37
Fort Wingate Massacre (NM)38
Fort Wise, CO (1859-??)07
Fort Worth Five Photo11, 14
Fort Worth, TX51
Fort Yates (Dakota Territory (1863 – 1903)50
Fort Yellowstone (Yellowstone NP) 189119
Fort Yuma, AZ28, 51
Fort Zarah, KS40, 0
Fort.Sill, OK07, 36
Forty, Niners (Settlers, Pilgrims) Oregon Trail 184902, 04, 27
Foster, Dan (Porum Range War) - Hester Faction15, 32
Foster, Joe10
Foster, Preston (Actor)18
Foster, Stephen Collins (Songwriter)02, 27, 37
Fouch, John H. (Photographer)0
Fountain, Col. Albert J. (Victim)28, 50
Four Dead in Five Seconds Gunfight15
Four Great Captains (Texas Rangers)03
Four of the Apocalypse (M) 197518
Fourteenth Admendment to the U.S. Constitution28
Fowler, Joel A. aka: James E. Cale (Kale) [Murderer, Lynched)04
Fowler, Orson Squire (Phreologist)03
Fox, William (train robber)04
Foy, Eddie (Sr.) actor51
Foy, Fred (Actor) Lone Ranger [1910}0
Foy, Sr., Edwin Fitzgerald "Eddie" (Vaudeville/Musical Comedy Star)07, 10
Francis Bannerman and Sons, NY (Arms manufacturer)02
Francis the Talking Mule (7 Films)50
Francis, George "Long George" (horse thief)09
Frank, Simeon "Sim"50
Franklin, Annie43
Franklin, Charles A.  (see: Banta, Albert Franklin)__0
Franks, G.W. (BJKG, Outlaw)0
Fraser, James Earl (Sculptor)0
Frazer, Bud15, 37
Frazer, Bud (Sheriff)52
Frazier, Irvin (see: Gates, John W.)0
Free, Mickey (Apache Scout)0
Freeman, Daniel (Physician, Coroner, Sheriff)01
Freeman, Frank19
Freeman, Jennie24
Freeman, Legh R.0
Freis, John Doe (T, Cowboy)11
Fremont, Jessie Ann Benton (Author)22
Fremont, Jessie Benton225252
Fremont, John C. "The Pathfinder" (U.S. Army, Politician)032803, 06, 26, 28, 52
French Quarter (Vieux Carré)34
French, Jim10, 29
Frey, Johnny14
Friar, Art39
Friar, Jubal39
Friends of Billy Dixon (Educational Shooting Organization)26
Frodsham, Edward "Ed" (Jeweler32, 52
Frog Millhouse (FC, Sidekick)0
Frontier Days (M) 193432
Frontier Doctor (TV) 1958-5911, 22, 39, 51
Frontier Echo, The (Newspaper)26
Frontier Gunlaw (M) 194640
Frontier Index, The (Newspaper) 1868 - 1880's?)0
Frontier Phantom, The (Movie) 195221
Frontier Scout (M) 193845
Frontier Thesis (Paper) 189328
Frontier Times Magazine26
Frontier Times Museum26
Frost, A.B. (Arthur Burdett) [Artist]03
Ft. Bowie40
Ft. Keogh, MT04, 16
Ft. Smith23
Ft. Snelling, MN (c 1830's)25, 29
Ft. Vancouver, WA17
Ft. Worth, TX14, 36, 51
Fuller, Wes (T, Outlaw)43
Fulton, Kate (Madame)34
Fulton, Pete25
Fulton, Robert [M] (inventor)1765181542
fur trade34
Fusco, John (Screenwriter) [Native American and Warrior Themes)0
Fuzzy Q. Jones (Al St. John) [Movie Actor, Sidekick]03, 08, 17, 37
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