Black History Timeline

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Black History Timeline… 1798 – 1993

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Cathy Williams - Black History Timeline

Cathay Williams
Photo: U.S. PD c. 1868


Here are all of the references to Black History: Individuals , Events, Places, etc.
appearing in Old West Daily Reader; in date order.
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If you find something I have missed, please email me.
Please Note:
I am not a historical revisionist, you will occasionally find the “N” word used
in historical names, in Old West Daily Reader; no judgment or offense is intended.

Week    Date                Remarks

17            04/26/1798     Born: James Pierson Beckwith, a slave (Jim Beckwourth)

04           01/22/1822     Born: Barney, a slave (Barney Lancelot Ford)

28           07/12/1860     Professor Charles Stark “The Mexican Negro” brings a knife to a gunfight.

29           07/21/1860     “The Mexican Negro” dies of his injuries.

30           07/25/1860     A Rocky Mountain News editorial takes offense…
-at Charley Harrison over the killing of Charley Stark.

11            03/12/1864     Charles Young born a slave.

30           07/28/1866    The USCT and The Buffalo Soldiers Monument.

44           10/29/1866     Died – Jim Beckwourth
-Mountain Man
and much more…
Photo – bottom of page

41           10/14/1868     Cathay Williams, aka: William Cathey
– The only known female Buffalo Soldier.

06           02/10/1869    Deadwood Dick
– The Adventure Begins!
PLAYERS – Timelines Index – Timelines A-L Index – Deadwood Dick Timeline

37            09/15/1860    Born – Daniel Webster Wallace “80 John”

41            10/10/1874     Buffalo Soldiers killed by “Texas Joe” Horner.

12            03/24/1876    Three Buffalo Soldiers murdered by David “Davy” Crockett.

04           01/24/1877     Corporal Clinton Greaves MOH

18            05/04/1877    Tenth Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers see action in Texas.

20           05/15/1876     Isaiah Dorman (7th Cavalry Interpreter)

16            04/18/1877     Nicodemus, KS

30           07/26/1877     The Staked Plains Horror Begins…
PLAYERS – Timelines Index – Timelines M-Z Index – Staked Plain Horror Timeline

09           02/27/1879     Nigger Jim Kelly indited as an accessory to murder.

20           05/14/1880     Battle of Tularosa
– First Medal of Honor for the Ninth Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers!

47            11/22/1887     Thibodaux Massacre*
Violent labor dispute.

03           01/19/1899     “Bad Hand” Gen Ranald S. MacKenzie
41st Infantry Regiment, Buffalo Soldiers.

29            07/19/1899    The Lost Nigger Mine – Young William Kelley‘s strike in Texas…

40           10/04/1900    Ned Huddleson: aka: Isom “Nigger Isom” Dart
– murdered by Tom Horn.

51            12/22/1902    The passing of Barney Lancelot Ford.

36           09/09/1903    Blackdom, NM

08           02/19/1905    Henry Vinton Plummer

02           01/12/1910     The passing of U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves.

06           02/07/1912    The passing of Nigger Jim Kelly.

49           12/05/1914     The passing of Stagecoach Mary Fields at 82 years!

02           01/08/1922    Died: Col. Charles Young – U.S. Army.

14            04/02/1932   Died: Bill Pickett – Inventor of Bulldogging!

13            03/28/1939   Died: Daniel Webster Wallace “80 John”

49           12/06/1949    Died: Leadbelly – musician

04           01/25/1993    Died: Alvah Curtis Roebuck.

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James Beckwourth - Black History TimelineJames P. “Jim” Beckwourth
Mountain Man
1798 or 1800 to 1866 or ’67
Photo: U.S. PD pre-1867

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