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Filming a Title for an early Western movie - The Pretenders Index

Filming a title for an early Western movie
Photo: U.S. PD pre-1923


It started before the Old West ended and many of the stuntmen and women and the actors were the real thing: Teamsters, Working Cowboys, Rodeo Performers & Cowboys, Wild West Performers, and the like. Some of the writers and consultants had lived what they helped portray…

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Young Guns

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These lists are supposed to show everything under that header which appears in The Old West Daily Reader; WEEKS or PLAYERS. Mostly they do, but every now and again I find something I’ve missed (No surprise there!). If you find a missing one, please drop me an email so I can add it. Thanks!

Grand Old Opry - The Pretenders Index

The Grand Old Opry
Photo: U. S PD

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