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Spring – Summer Update

Howdy History Riders, Just about summertime here in the Colorado Rockies. I had an interesting winter and spring, replete with a medical adventure or two, but everything worked out OK. I still found time to work on, and complete, several long-term projects on Old West Daily Reader, as well as … Read more →

2016 Update

Howdy History Riders, As always, it’s been a while since I updated the Blog. In October and November, I was engaged in a massive re-do and housekeeping on the site. ALL DONE! Not only that, but I am very pleased with the changes and additions. A lot of what was … Read more →

Attention History Riders The Old West Daily Reader website is currently undergoing some major renovations. The result is a large number broken internal links in some sections of the site. The sections most affected are the Timelines and Quotes but a number of other single pages are also affected. Some … Read more →

A Few Problems…

HOWDY Friends, Yes were are having some problems with the site. Incompatible updates is the current fantasy. It will take a day or two to work this out. In the meantime, although PLAYERS looks really weird, we think that things are actually working in spite of the millions of commas … Read more →

Howdy History Riders, It’s been a while since I’ve had time to blog. My summer was full of performances and summer things although I was able to keep up a good work schedule on the Old West Daily Reader. I performed at True West Rail Fest in mid-August. Great fun, … Read more →


  Howdy History Riders, It’s summer in colorful Colorado! Sad to say, one of those colors is ash gray. We have nearly a dozen fires burning throughout the state most of the time. We are losing homes, historic sites and occasionally people. Largely a consequence of far too many people … Read more →

Spring Roundup

  Howdy History Riders, Here is a bit of an update on happenings around The Reader’s campsite. First off, how about those radio shows? What fun! Now, I have several Reader contributors lined up to give you a break from me always doing the shows. Already, Weeks 16 and 18 … Read more →

Mid-Winter Update

Howdy History Riders, We have all been over a far piece of trail since I last slowed down and made blog. Sorta like makin’ sausage or ketchup, it ain’t always pretty in the process. Usually takes a certain amount of mental toe stubbin’, cussin’ and a tad of rye to … Read more →

Howdy History Riders,

This is the REVISED Edition of the previous post: It’s been months since I added to the blog. I keep saying I’ll improve and someday I may. A burnt out old waddie like me doesn’t move to fast on things and there were a lot of things. This time I … Read more →

Internet Radio!

Howdy Pards, It’s still a very busy summer here in Western Colorado. I’ve been performing Doc and working on a number of projects. Always new material for The Old West Daily Reader, but now, thanks to The Reenactors (.com), there is a weekly OWDR Internet Radio Show featuring the daily … Read more →